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Dubai Silicon Oasis(DSO)

Set up your company in DSO Freezone.

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Housing businesses that offer IT services, industrial companies, high-tech organizations, and research and development businesses, Dubai Silicon Oasis has evolved to be the technology hub of the region. DSO supports businesses engaged in the design, and development of nanotechnology, electronics, optoelectronic technology, and other industries needed for semiconductor manufacturing and ICT.

With state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Dubai Silicon Oasis has a knack for both working and residential communities. Broadly, they are brought under five categories – Industrial, Commercial, Living residences, Education, and Public Administration.

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Why DSO? Benefits of DSO company formation in Dubai.

Registering businesses in The Administrative Zone in DSO

Company Types
License types

Before getting into Company formation in DSO freezone, you must understand the company structures and types permitted to function in the DSO Freezone. The following are the main company types permitted in the DSO Freezone.

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

A single shareholder, either an individual or a corporate holding 100% of company shares can incorporate their business in the FZE. The company requires a minimum investment of AED 100, 000.

  • Free Zone Company (FZO)

A minimum of two shareholders can incorporate their business in the FZO. It permits a maximum of five shareholders and they can be individual or corporate. This requires a minimum capital of AED 100,000.

  • Branch

The DSO Freezone allows branches of both foreign and local, UAE-based companies to open their branch. The only condition is that the branch should perform activities that are identical to its parent.

Businesses can apply for and acquire different types of licenses in the DSO.

  • Service License

Allows the registered entity to execute certain specified services. If you are interested in opening a consultancy business or other similar ones, you should apply for Service License.

  • Trade License

Allows the registered entity to import, export, distribution, and delivery of items specified in the license. This is one of the most demanded for DSO company formation in UAE.

  • Industrial License

This allows businesses to import raw materials, manufacture, assemble, pack and export the finished commodities.

Setup Process

To incorporate a business in the DSO, businesses must follow the below steps. Though the steps and process as such look overwhelming, our company formation experts shall help you with the end-to-end process.

  • Business Title

Check for the businesses allowed in the DSO Freezone and pick the one that is most appropriate to you. Check for the naming norms and protocols and pick a name.

  • Find an office space

Our business consultant experts shall help you find an affordable, appropriate space to set up your company in the DSO Freezone.

  • Documents Curation

Following are some of the documents that you need to incorporate your business entity in the DSO Freezone.

  • Detailed business plan
  • Passport copies of the shareholder
  • CV of shareholders
  • Proof of share capital payment
  • Bank reference letter for each of the shareholders.

To know the exact set of documents that you might require to register your business, talk to our company formation experts.

  • Documents Submission

Once we receive all the documents from you, we will help you apply for an appropriate license.

Setup Cost

The cost of a license for company formation in the DSO Freezone depends on the industry, business structure, and specific business activity. Please note that the following table is presenting an estimate only. To know the exact DSO Company Formation cost, talk to our company formation experts.

Type of license Cost
Trade License
AED 12,000 to 30,000
Service License
AED 12,000 to 20,000
Industrial License
Within AED 12,000

Frequently Asked Questions

How does oxbow corporate services help?

Oxbow corporate services house some of the best experts in DSO company formation in Dubai. We offer end-to-end services right from assistance in finding a company space, selecting an appropriate title and name, document curation, submission, and follow-ups. We also assist you with post-licensing and registration formalities as well as with website creation and digital marketing for your business. We take care of all the formalities and let you invest your precious time in planning the core business activities.

What are the activities in DSO Freezone?

One can acquire a license for seven different activities and the condition is that they should be from the same business arena. They can come under trading, service, or industrial activity.

What are the main benefits of company formation in DSO Freezone?

Registering your company in the DSO Freezone offers a plethora of benefits to businesses, individuals, and corporations. It offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and sophisticated tech facilities adding to the strategic significance of the location. Beyond this, the DSO Freezone allows foreign ownership and places no restrictions on the repatriation of capital or profits. It also offers a broad range of options for office, industrial, and residential activities. The office and workspace solutions are adaptable and businesses can easily meet their operational needs. The operating expenses are also relatively lower and all of these make the DSO Freezone a hotspot for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

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