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Initiated in 2019, The UAE 10-year Golden Visa is a residence visa that aims to attract and recognize potential entrepreneurs, investors, managers, professionals, meritorious students, and exceptionally talented professionals from across the world. Through several updates, the government has made it easier for residents and non-residents to apply and avail themselves of Golden Visa benefits.
By offering a long-term residence, the UAE Golden Visa provides extensive benefits to overseas nationals including the freedom to study, live or work in Dubai and across UAE. With an experience of over 5+ years, our team knows the in and out of the application process and shall do all it takes to strengthen your application. Our experts shall ensure that all the requirements are met and your profile gets through.

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UAE Golden Visa Benefits

Who can apply for the Golden Visa UAE?

Golden Visa UAE requirements

10-year Golden Visa for Investors

  • Real estate investors can obtain a Golden Visa UAE when they have purchased a property worth 2 million AED and more.

  • Investors who buy one or more off-plan properties worth not less than 2 million AED from approved real estate companies.

Golden Visa for Business Owners

  • Investors with a company that is an SME with an annual turnover of 1 million AED and more are eligible for the 10-year Visa in Dubai and in the greater UAE. The company should be registered within the UAE.

  • Founders who have sold an establishment that was valued at not less than 7 million AED can also apply for Golden Visa in UAE.

Golden Visa for Managers and Employees

  • General Managers, CFOs, and CEOs with educational qualifications and professional experience can apply for the Golden Visa Dubai and greater UAE.

  • Professionals must hold a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and they must have an experience of 5 years and more

  • Should possess a valid employment contract and earn a salary of 30,000 AED and more

Golden Visa for Medical Professionals

  • An approval from the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention to practice medicine as a profession

  • With a recommendation from a competent authority, nurses, lab technicians, and other medical professionals can apply for Golden Visa Dubai and in the whole of UAE.

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  •  You own a company or a project that is valued at 500,000 AED and more,
  • You own properties whose value is not less than 2 million AED,
  • You are approved by the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE to practice medicine,
  • Your patent adds value to the economy of the UAE,
  • You have invested 2 million AED for 2 years with a local bank in the UAE,
  • You are a scientist, artist, or a creative individual in the culture & arts profession,
  • You hold a valid employment contract in the UAE with a salary of not less than 30,000 AED per month,
  • You have studied in one of the world’s top 100 universities,
  • You hold a doctoral degree

Availing a 10-year Visa in Dubai is not hard! You are just a few steps away!

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