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Abu Dhabi Global Market

Start Your Business in ADGM Freezone

Located on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) has an ideal business climate and helps companies ace their financial goals. Al Maryah island boasts itself as an International Financial Center and houses important financial institutions including the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates. The ADGM Freezone presents lucrative opportunities for businesses right in the capital city of UAE.

ADGM Freezone is a hub for businesses that are into investment banking, brokerage, fund management, asset management, wealth management, private banking, and other finance sectors.


ADGM Authorities and Legal Entities

Three independent authorities, namely The Registration Authority, FSRA, and ADGM Courts work in synergies to maintain a dynamic yet robust business ethos in the ADGM Freezone. They ensure that the business ecosystem works in alignment with the best practices adopted by International Finance Hubs and Centers from across the world.

Registration authorities handle the incorporation and licensing procedures in the ADGM Freezone. The registrar oversees all the steps involved in the process, right from submitting the application to registering the trade names, issuing the license and incorporating the businesses.

Being an International Finance Hub for companies in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, the FSRA works to ensure a transparent, progressive environment in the ADGM Freezone. FSRA has an efficient regulatory regime that is inline with other financial hubs like Singapore, Hong Kong, London, etc. FSRA maintains the integrity of the ADGM freezone and its regime covers a broad spectrum of financial services including asset management, fund management, banking, insurance, and other capital market activities. FSRA fosters innovative policies and regulations to draw more investments to the region.

The rules and regulations of the ADGM Courts offer a supportive legal ecosystem to the businesses operating in the ADGM Freezone. It is the first digital court in the world and the first in the Middle East to adopt a totally independent, English Common law framework. This ensures consistency in judicial decisions because the rulings of the court are based on precedential weight. Also, a lot of financial market standard agreements developed by International financial associations are based on English Law. Because ADGM courts follow English common law, these agreements can be adapted to meet needs specific to ADGM. Compliance to English Common law also improves risk efficiency and reduces compliance costs for corporates and financial service providers in the region. application to registering the trade names, issuing the license and incorporating the businesses.

ADGM Benefits: Why Startup in ADGM?

ADGM Freezone offers a plethora of benefits and opportunities for businesses incorporated in the zone. Following are some of the key benefits:

Set up your company in ADGM Freezone

Documents Required

Our ADGM Business Setup Experts in UAE have Curated the Important Documents Required for ADGM Freezone Company Formation

Application Form

Copy of the Passport, Visa, and Emirates ID of the shareholders

Business Plan

Passport-size photos of the shareholders

Lease Agreement for the office space

Trade Name Reservation Proof

ADGM Activity List

If you are looking for ADGM Freezone company formation, the following ADGM Activity List curated by our ADGM Business setup experts in UAE helps

ADGM offers a robust ecosystem for financial firms and has a strong network of firms offering a broad range of services from consulting to auditing and accounting.

Following are some of the key financial activities carried out by ADGM.
⦁ Investment Banking
⦁ Fund Management
⦁ Wealth Management
⦁ Asset Management
⦁ Brokerage
⦁ Private Banking


The financial hub offers a broad range of business opportunities for non-finance-related firms as well. Execution of core financial activities requires supportive services like consulting, legal advisories, travel solutions, translation, and more.

⦁ Consulting
⦁ Real Estate
⦁ Professional Services
⦁ Legal Services
⦁ Accounting Services
⦁ Leasing and Rental
⦁ Information and Communication
⦁ Warehousing and logistics
⦁ Advertising and Marketing

So, if you are into any of these services, incorporating a company in ADGM Freezone is an ideal option. Set up your company in the ADGM Freezone and unlock the benefits.

The ADGM free zone is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE. The free zone offers great potential for luxury, high-end retail services as well as bespoke services.
⦁ Travel Services
⦁ Food and Beverages
⦁ Textiles and Apparels
⦁ Retail Trade
⦁ Recreation activities


How can I start a company in ADGM Freezone?

ADGM Freezone Company Formation has several steps and the following are some of the key ones :

  • Oxbow Corporate Services has the best ADGM Business setup experts in UAE and you may take a free consultation with them to understand the documentation requirements. The discussion will also help us to personalize our offering.
  • Document Submission.
    Our ADGM Business setup experts in Dubai will do all it takes to strengthen your application. We then help you submit the application and get the incorporation done.
  • License Issuance
    Following the registration and incorporation of the business, you will get the commercial license in less than a week.

What is a ADGM license in Abu Dhabi?

The type of license a firm requires depends on the nature of the business.

  • Category 1 License for banks
  • Category 2 License for Credit companies
  • Category 3A License for Brokerage Firms
  • Category 3B License for Custodian
  • Category 3C License for Asset or Fund Management Companies
  • Category 4 License for Investment Advisory

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