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Marine Cargo Insurance  Consultancy

Marine Cargo Insurance 

Goods or commodities during transit are vulnerable and susceptible to loss or damage due to various causes, such as breakage, moisture, water damage, shortages, short landing, theft, pilferage and Non-delivery.

Marine Cargo Insurance provides protection for goods being transported by ocean, air or land (rail or road) or in any combination thereof; covering you for physical loss or damage that results from an insured peril.

Marine cargo insurance policies are transferrable because during transportation, ownership of the goods may change from one person to another.

Any person who has an insurable interest in a shipment, and who would suffer a financial loss should the cargo be damaged or destroyed, or would benefit from the safe arrival of the cargo, has a need for Marine Cargo Insurance.

This includes:

Importers and Exporters
Suppliers, Processors and Distributors
Commodity Traders
Customs Brokers
Wholesalers & Retailers
Logistics & Project Managers
Airfreight Carriers
Importers & Exporters
Freight Forwarders
Multi-national Companies
Warehouse men
Trucking companies
Logistics management firms

The cover can be arranged on an individual transit basis or, if regular shipments are involved, on an ‘open cover’ basis.

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